Fire Stop

Fire Stop

Fire-extinguishing materials with high expansion properties that provide up to 2-4 hours of fire insulation in cable, combustible pipes and combustible insulated metal pipe entries in wall floors.


High performance

Our products, produced with the assurance of Proflame, always provide the highest performance results on the axis of price-benefit-flexibility, as well as long-term use advantages.

High Stability

Our products, which are produced with the assurance of ProCo Group Proflame, provide high security with their stability values ​​that do not change during their long service life.

The Safest

Our products, produced with the assurance of Proflame, offer the safest solutions for professional use as a result of the international certificates and tests they have.

Proflame Firestop Coating

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Proflame Firestop Mortar

Fire Stop Mortar


Proflame Firestop Clamp

Fire Stop kələbçə


Proflame Firestop Single and Multiple Winding

Fire Stop Sarğı


Proflame Fire Resistant Foam

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