Pam Global Plus Pipes

Pam Global Plus Pipes

Chemical and Corrosion Resistance

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Building wastewater drainage systems - grey and black water- must be able to withstand the types of domestic effluents specified by standard EN 877. In recent years, however, changes have been observed in the types of these fluids:


  • Higher concentration of household detergents,
  • Use of more aggressive hygiene products,
  • Rise in operating temperatures.


The constraints on sanitary drainage systems are constantly increasing.

To test chemical resistance of cast iron products, according to standard EN 877, the product samples are tested for 30 days at a temperature of 23 3°C with the following liquids (pH constantly monitored):

  • A solution of sulfuric acid with a pH of 2
  • A solution of sodium hydroxide with a pH of 12
  • A solution of wastewater with a pH of 7


Resistance to hot water (24 h at a continuous 95°C) and thermal cycles (1,500 cycles of 5 min between 15°C and 93°C) are also tested according to standard EN 877.