Enamo Grip

Enamo Grip

It forms a uniquely hard and durable coating film.



Enamo Grip is a two-part aliphatic polyurethane enamel available in clear and colors. It forms a uniquely hard and durable coating film, which demonstrates unsurpassed semi-gloss and color retention, as well as chalk resistance when used in exterior applications. It is resistant to water and humidity, stains, acids, solvents, and chemicals, as well as having tremendous scuff, mar and impact resistance. Enamo Grip will self-level to an even and smooth finish.


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Product ChemistryPolyurethane
Volume Solids49%
VOC Level244 g/L, 2.04 lbs./gal.
Dry Time (at 70˚F)30-60 minutes to tack free
Cures ByChemical Reaction


1. For architectural and maintenance solutions that require the utmost in exterior durability;
2. As a topcoat for Rust Grip® and Moist Metal Grip;
3. As a floor covering where a tough, long-lasting finish is required.
4. Very good alkali resistance and good acid.
5. Anywhere a solvent-based UV-resistant topcoat is required.


Enamo Grip can be applied to metal, concrete, masonry, wood and other porous surfaces. The application can be by brush, roller, or airless sprayer. For specific instructions on surface preparation, mixing and application, please refer to the SPI’s application instructions for Enamo Grip.

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