Rubber-Metal Anti vibration mounts

Rubber-Metal Anti vibration mounts

Our noise and vibration materials combine rubber, metal, springs and Sylomer® among other materials.


Machines that by design have reciprocating motion or rotating elements create vibration to some extent due to the imbalance of the moving parts.

The anti-vibration support is necessary because the vibration generated by the machine leads to various problems, such as shortening the service life due to partial wear, as well as transferring this vibration to other non-isolated adjacent structures, which causes noise and vibration problems.

For over 40 years, AMC Mecanocaucho® has been developing a range of "AMC MECANOCAUCHO®" anti-vibration mounts that can solve problems like those described above for all types of machines, mobile or static, thus protecting people and the environment from the harmful effects of noise and vibration.