fire retardant and sound absorbing melamine foam

Brend: Pyrotek

Sorbermel® is a flexible, light-weight, open-cell, light grey foam made from melamine resin. Highly flame retardant, and with excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation properties, Sorbermel® is dimensionally stable and stiffer than polyurethane foams. It is a favoured choice in weight-sensitive applications.

It features a three-dimensional delicate network structure of slender filaments. Its open cell structure enhances sound absorption and traps noise energy to prevent it from reflecting back as echo. Sorbermel is ideal where moisture resistance is required. Being low-weight, it contributes to the energy efficiency of rail and utility vehicles.

Sorbermel® can be easily laminated with many other suitable products to increase acoustic performance in any project. The perfect option for aesthetic challenges it can be used as baffles, acoustic panels, or as infills with other materials to form decorative acoustic composites.

Sorbermel® achieves some of the highest classifications in fire ratings to meet national and international standards.

Sorbermel® is the choice for various industrial applications such as the rail, automotive, marine, building, and construction.