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Brend: CVS AİR

Bifurcated Axial Fan Product Features

Hot dip galvanized casing

Ease of installation between ducts with its self-flange body structure

Aerofoil section aluminium blades

Adjustable blade angles

Three-phase motor

The motor is outside of the air stream

Maintenance-free bearings motor with IP 55 degree of protection

Suitable for speed control with frequency inverter

Ventilador Axial Bifurcado

Bifurcated axial fans are designed with hot-dip galvanized casing and aerofoil section aluminum blades. Aerofil sectioned blades provide maximum efficiency for airflow and provide huge energy savings for users. Blade angles are adjustable.

Bifurcated axial fans can be mounted vertically and horizontally. It provides great convenience for the installation process and can be carried out very quickly, thus saving time and energy.

Three-phase motors are suitable for operation with frequency inverters. Cvsair bifurcated axial duct fans are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. With the anti-vibration mounting installed during assembly, the noises produced during the operation of the device are minimized.

Bifurcated axial fans are suitable for use in kitchen exhaust applications, evacuation of oily, dusty and high temperature gases thanks to their design which has motor out of air stream

Bifurcated Axial Duct Fan Versions

Bifurcated axial duct fans have a total of six versions: CVS-BF-Ø400, CVS-BF-Ø500, CVS-BF-Ø560, CVS-BF-Ø630, CVS-BF-Ø800, CVS-BF-Ø1000. 60 Hz option is available.

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