Heavy Duty Radial Fan

Heavy Duty Radial Fan

High strength steel radial fans are used in industries.

Brend: CVS AİR

Heavy Duty Radial Fan

High pressure centrifugal radial smoke exhaust fan

EN 12101-3 certified (300 °C / 2h  –  400 °C /2h)

Energy efficient

Double speed motor

Suitable to operate with frequency inverters

Cvsair heavy duty radial fans can be used in industrial areas and they are manufactured from highly resistant galvanized sheet steels. Galvanized layers protect metal layers from chemical reaction and extends the service life of the fans. Parts are produced in F300 ( 300 C° / 120 min ) and F400 ( 400 C° / 120 min) strength classes according to the EN 12101-3 / Smoke and Heat Control Systems standard. For the F400 strength class, fans can be work at 400 C° for two hours. With the help energy efficient design, a lot of time can be saved. Double speed motor are suitable to operate with frequency inverters therefore the air flow can be controlled efficiently.

There is protective wire at the suction side of the fan which prevents particles entering and damaging the fan parts. With help of protective coating layers fan parts and terminal boxes become fire-resistant.

There are nine different versions of heavy duty radial fans from CVS – ERV 63 – 7,5 / 4P to CVS – ERV 71 – 15 / 4P. For the version of CVS – ERV 63 – 7,5 / 4P; height is 1271 millimeter, width is 1025, millimeter and length is 1100 millimeter. Air flow at 600 Pa pressure is measured as 19000 cubic meters per hour. For the version of CVS – ERV 100 – 30 / 6P; height is 1958 millimeter, width is 1623, millimeter and length is 1708 millimeter. Air flow at 800 Pa pressure is measured as 53000 cubic meters per hour.