Roof Fans

Roof Fans

Horizontal Discharge Axial Roof Fan

Brend: CVS AİR

Horizontal Discharge Axial Roof Fan

Hot dipped galvanized body

Aerofoil section aluminum blades

Adjustable blade angles for maximum efficiency

Three-phase motors suitable for operation with frequency inverters

Double speed engine option

Horizontal discharge with axial impeller

Certified according to EN 12101-3

60 Hz frequency option

Horizontal throw axial roof fan


Hot-dip galvanized coating is used in the body of the Cvsair horizontal throw axial roof fan. With the help of galvanized sheets, corrosion (zinc layer reacts faster than the fan metal and prevents damage to the fan metal) reactions are prevented and the service life of the fans is greatly increased. The fan blades are made of aluminum and the blades are designed as aerofoil. Airflow can be controlled with maximum efficiency thanks to adjustable blade angles. Fan motors are produced as three-phase, therefore they are suitable for working with frequency inverters. Engines can be produced optionally with double speed option.

Roof Type Axial Fans are certified with Class H insulation according to EN12101-3 / Standard for Smoke and Heat Control Systems and F300, F400 (the ability to operate for 120 minutes at 300°C and 400°C temperature levels) in smoke evacuation. FCL model fans can be used for exhaust air discharge and fresh air supply at ambient temperatures up to + 60°C.

Horizontal Discharge Axial Roof Fan Versions

Horizontal discharge roof fans CVS – RH – Ø400, CVS – RH – Ø450, CVS – RH – Ø500, CVS – RH – Ø560, CVS – RH – Ø630, CVS – RH – Ø710, CVS – RH – Ø800, CVS – RH – There are 11 different versions as Ø900, CVS – RH – Ø1000, CVS – RH – Ø112o and CVS – RH – Ø1250. For CVS – RH – Ø400 version; voltage 400 ( V ), power 0.55 ( kW ), current 1.27 ( A ), frequency 50 Hz, speed 2780 rpm ( revolutions per minute ), Y Type wiring diagram and the sound at 3 meters is measured as PL (dB) 63 of the fan. It has an outer diameter of 560 millimeters and an inside diameter of 400 millimeters. The height of the D – 150 version is 220 millimeters. The air flow at 300 Pa is measured at 4000 cubic meters per hour.

Vertical Flow Roof Fan

Şaquli axın dam fanı


Vertical Flow Kitchen Exhaust Fan



Vertical Discharge EC Roof Fan

Vertical Discharge Roof Type Axial Fan