Drilling and Concrete Cutting

Drilling and Concrete Cutting

We make holes of any diameter in concrete and cut concrete with diamond head equipment.

It is clear that at this speed there is a strong dust formation and heating of the cutting disc.

Dust-free diamond concrete cutting tool provides a continuous supply of water to cool the cutting area and seal waste. At the same time, wastewater erupts and flows to the surface, so it is necessary to organize the collection and removal of dirty liquid.

When working indoors and outdoors, the amount of water is different, on average - 2 l / m POG indoors and 3 l / m. POG outdoors.

tool strength,
wall material,
cutting depth,
air temperature,

This way of cutting concrete without dust is called "wet". Diamond cutting of walls is not universal and is not suitable in case of transferring or expanding doors in apartment buildings due to the risk of flooding, or in premises with finishing: residential, work shops, production or commercial premises.

The specialists of our company cut concrete, brick, dust-free tiles at any facility put into operation in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Fine diamond cutting of walls, dismantling, expansion of dust-free openings are carried out using industrial dust collectors and special mechanisms that significantly reduce building pollution. Dust-free diamond cutting ensures the cleanliness of doorways, window openings and niches without damaging finishing materials.

Dust-free concrete cutting cost:

It is important to understand that "dry" cutting of dust-free walls is much slower and more difficult than the classic water method. As a rule, "dry" diamond cutting of seams and holes in concrete without dust has a higher price, but is justified by minimal cleaning of the room. Sometimes this method is chosen when there is no water or it cannot be drained.

In our company, you can also order other “clean” services at a high professional level: drilling holes in concrete with diamond drill bits or demolishing walls with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

You can get acquainted with the cost of diamond cutting of walls without dust and damage here.